ScrapStore is featured in the July edition of Crafts Council UK newsletter and also as a downloadable resource for you to find out more information about ScrapStore’s work nationally:…/…/Scrap_Store_Resource.pdf

Find your Local Scrapstore!

If you want to reduce waste, experiment with different materials, or run a workshop for lots of people, Scrapstores are a great option! We’ve been talking to Robbie about the Scrapstore he helps to run in Hull, which has offered low cost craft items and creative art and play workshops for kids for 24 years.

Scrapstores operate by taking safe, re-usable resources that would otherwise go to landfill and re-distributing them to the wider community. Not only do they reduce waste, they also offer crafters access to a huge range of materials, which is great for young imaginations! On top of this, last year Hull Scrapstore announced free membership, making it an inclusive community resource accessible to everyone.

The great news is that Scrapstores are all around the country, and you can find out more information in our handy Scrapstore resource! There’s also tons of upcycled inspiration on our Playfulness and Reinvention Pinterest board.

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